Ring Central Desktop App

Role: UX Strategy, User Research, Interaction design, Engineering.


☎️ Call center was missing out on potential business because the office phones did a poor job at routing calls to reps if they were already on a call.


💡Alert the call center user via audio and visual interactive prompt. This would grab the users attention and give the option to accept the call or dismiss prompt.

The call center is a competitive place and to be fair, every user had a chance to grab the incoming call alerts. The first to click Accept Call from the alert prompt, received the call.

Technology Why?
Node.JS handle our incoming request
MySQL store our incoming request
Nginx Expose our Node.JS endpoint
Electron User entry point
Live Sockets Push alert to all active connections (Reps)


Coming Soon... 🧪


Coming Soon... 🧪


🥳Saved the company thousands by increasing their leads and phone call visibility.